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High Performance SSD VPS Hosting

  • Lightning-fast with 100% SSD storage
  • Deploy standard distro, 1-click app or custom image
  • Unlimited bandwidth & traffic – no catches
  • Spin up your VPS in 50s

Optimized PHP: Our custom code makes every website load faster. We aren’t subject to the limits imposed by old-school hosting

Autoscaling Servers: We created a new kind of autoscaling, so your site gets the power it needs – however busy it gets.

Load balancing: Our reputation for rock-solid server uptime is built on our innovative Load Balancing features

VPS Hosting

The Game-Changers in VPS Hosting

Many customers are unaware they have alternatives to big-name VPS hosting providers. MilesWeb’s support, performance and lowest pricing offer them a great choice for their infrastructure.

24/7 Standard Support

Focus on your main goals while we take away all your worries. 24/7 expert VPS hosting support with faster response times from real humans.

Worldwide Availability

Our VPS is available in all global markets. Enjoy the same top-notch performance across every single location.

Unbeatable Pricing

Enterprise-grade hardware like the hyperscalers, but at a fair price. Plus, no compromise in performance, reliability, uptime and security.

Our Pricing

Great value virtual server hosting, no compromises⚡

From personal projects to complex apps, scale with confidence and predictable SSD VPS.


$13.99 /mo


$19.99 /mo


$32.99 /mo


$65.99 /mo


$105.99 /mo


$263.99 /mo


$527.99 /mo

Industry-leading features all around the world #1 VPS host

From personal projects to complex apps, scale with confidence and predictable SSD VPS.

Enterprise SSD storage

We only use enterprise-level Samsung SSDs for maximum speed, capacity and reliability.

Instant provisioning

Deploy your Linux VPS online in less than a minute and a Windows VPS in under 5 minutes.

Unlimited bandwidth

Genuine unlimited bandwidth – no throttling, ever. Each hypervisor is connected at 20 Gbps and each switch has redundant 100 Gbps uplinks.

Service level guarantee

All VPS servers are backed by uninterruptible power supplies and a network SLA of 99.99%.

Full root access

With our unmanaged virtual private servers you get full root access to your VPS server.

No contracts

Once you’ve tried our VPS hosting you won’t go elsewhere! So we don’t lock you in and you can cancel at any time.

Scale with ease

Scale your VPS as you grow, from a single virtual server all the way up to a load-balanced cluster.

Hardware RAID

All of our UK VPS use redundant hardware RAID 10 arrays with a battery-backed cache.

Out-of-band console

With our out-of-band VNC access you can access your VPS just like plugging a monitor into a physical server.

1 Tbps+ Anti-DDoS

Advanced anti-DDoS protection for all Virtual Server Hosting. Your servers are protected in real time without any increase in latency.

Windows & Linux support

Deploy Windows and a range of Linux/Unix-like operating system distros – all in one click. You can install any other OS and software, too.

UK or US Data Centre

Whichever you choose, the data on your server will stay in that country, hosted at one of our ISO 27001, PCI-compliant, green data centres.

A VPS for every occasion

Big or small, site or app – our VPS hosting is the perfect choice

Web hosting

Give your website all the dedicated resources it needs. You’re free to use any kind of web hosting software to design and run your sites.

Development server hosting

For developers, an Unmanaged VPS offer an isolated digital environment to test code. Experiment and learn in a VPS sandbox.

Mobile app backend hosting

Save on expensive hosting fees by self-hosting your mobile app on a cheap VPS. Don’t pay for more resources than you need.

SaaS hosting

You can run any kind of software-as-a-service for your business. That might include ecommerce, reporting, CRM, project management, analytics… the choice is yours.

Install a VPN

A virtual private network (VPN) can protect your privacy when using public Wi-Fi. If you don’t want to use a commercial product, install a VPN on a VPS.

Private sync

Back up your local files in the cloud, safe in the knowledge that they’re stored privately.

Gaming VPS

Whether it’s Minecraft, CS:GO, WoW or any other online game, we offer cheap VPS hosting for game servers.


Get fast, clear and reliable voice communication by using a hosted app like TeamSpeak 3. Start a hosted VOIP business.

IOT hub

If you don’t want your smart home gadgets to send your data to the web giants like Google and Amazon, you can go down the DIY route.

Deploy your VPS with any of these distributions and apps

You’re free to install any software you’d like, but these can all be installed in a click:

1-Click Apps

24/7 Live Support

Worried you won’t get help when you need it the most? You shouldn’t be. Our Customer Success team is ready to help you 24/7 with all topics related to your domain and hosting package.

Top-Performing Web Host

As a leading web hosting provider, we use advanced technologies: from self-healing infrastructure and full SSD servers to unlimited bandwidth. You can offer your visitors a fast browsing experience today.

Migrate With Ease, for Free

We’ll take care of the process of moving your website from your old web hosting company to our platform so you can focus on what matters. Also, we don’t charge any website migration fees.

Driven by passion.

Top Quality

Our web hosting services offer the best quality, and features you need to host host your website.

Awesome Results

Whether you've never run a business blog or website before, we have multiple web hosting solutions for your special needs

Expert Services

We have a fast & Secure web hosting solution perfect for you! Whether you have a new blog or a popular business website, we've got you covered!

Business Growth 💡

Our commitment to offering you industry base leading web hosting with free SSL Certificate means you'll love your hosted service!

Features Included with Every Plan

Frequently Asked Questions

VPS Hosting FAQ’s

We manage the hardware and network that your virtual private server will use, and our VPS support team are online 24/7 should any issue arise.

We don’t manage the security, software or updates on the VPS itself – that will be your responsibility. We’d recommend an Unmanaged VPS if you’re confident with server management. If you require technical support and advice, then we’d recommend our Managed Hosting on a VPS.

Yes, when we offer unlimited bandwidth VPS, we mean it. So you won’t hit any traffic limits, regardless of the number of requests being made to your VPS.

Yes, when you create your own private network, you are creating a dedicated Virtual LAN (VLAN) in our datacentre. You can assign this VLAN to as many servers as you like within the same datacentre. You’re responsible for all IP numbering on your VLAN.

Yes can we provide a /64 IPv6 subnet per VPS. Once provisioned you can allocate your range through HostingTheUS.

You can deploy UK VPS Hosting in London or a US based VPS from our Dallas DC.

Yes our VPS Servers are 100% SSD. You won’t find any other VPS hosting provider with this level of performance for a comparable price.

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