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We are offering Un-Believable Prices with Great Value. We have made it possible for everyone to make his Unique Online Presence with Super Fast Professional sites.

$697 /month

Business Startup

$997 /month

Business Growth

$1497 /month

Business Scaling

Maximize Your Reach and Increase Awareness

VIDEO FORMAT: Masthead, TruView for reach, Bumper ads, Non skips 15/20s

AUDIENCE TYPE: Detailed demo, Affinity audiences, Custom affinity
BIDDING: CPM, vCPM, CPD (reservation)

METRICS FOR MEASURING IMPACT: Impressions frequency, Reach/unique reach, Awareness lift*, Ad recall lift*, Brand interest

Drive Online Action and Sales

VIDEO FORMAT: TrueView for action

AUDIENCE TYPE: Custom intent, Remarketing, Customer match, Expand to mid-funnel audiences if needed
BIDDING: CPA, Max. conversions

METRICS FOR MEASURING IMPACT: Website conversions, Micro conversions, View-through conversions

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